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Why is Organic SEO better than Paid Ads?

Studies show that about 80 percent of online searches can result in one natural click for your web page. If your site is in the organic listings you can expect one person landing on your website without having to pay for that click. This means focusing solely on paid listings can restrict the visibility of your business. You may wind up wasting money on clicks that will not ultimately result in conversions.

Local Citation Links

Build local citations, dominate local SEO in the map pack via your Google Business Page and a lot of link building.

Domain Authority Stacking & Link Wrapping

Advanced SEO link building to let Google know your website is an authority site. Better rankings and more visitors to buy your products and services.

Social Fortress

Increase your brand awareness, visibility and reach by taking more spots on your search results pages. Your company’s brand on 300+ social media sites.

Social Signals

Increase your social signal shares and website popularity with established web 2.0 accounts.

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