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247web-mascot-jack-raftersI have 30 years of business experience. I started with customer service, then sales, now marketing. A Business Development Manager finds ways to bring in more customers via the phone, email and the web, and encourage them to buy products and services, and come back again and again to buy more and recommend their friends and family to do the same.

I Enjoy SEO

i-want-more-leadsIn 2012, I started to actively use SEO for ranking the company website for doors, windows and conservatories and my personal affiliate money sites, pulling hard away from paid advertising.

Since then I’ve built up a lot of experience in ranking.

Fast forward to the present; I now have a close team of highly skilled SEOs working with me. We can rank for anything (at a price). From eCom, YouTube videos, Amazon products, affiliate sites, Facebook pages to local business websites. But for now we’re concentrating on Ultraframe‘s conservatories, orangeries, house extensions and roofs high ticket items. So if you’re reading this and you sell Ultraframe products and want to sell even more, get in touch.

roiA few years ago I built a website that gave live quotes for front doors, which most people then purchased online. Had number 1 spot for a long time, then Door Stop changed hands and their customer services really let us and themselves down. The Consultancy helped me with the live quoting system.

We believe that every client is unique, no two situations are the same. One size fits all pricing should be a red flag from any digital marketing agency. We work with local businesses and national brands. We have a minimum retainer of £1,500 per month for our SEO Services with just a Month-to-Month kind of contract. We will show you why you need us to help make you money online.

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